AgileGraph My Inbox


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How does AgileGraph My Inbox work?

Your e-mails are scanned by an automated process that converts the e-mails into chart data that we store on a secure server. You can then create charts dynamically based on filters that you select.

Will you store my email password?

No. Your password is only used to log into your Google Account from the Google website.

Will you look at my emails?

No one will ever view your e-mails. We don't store the content, subject or attachments of e-mails.

Will others be able to view my charts?

Your privacy is our top priority. Our site is verified, encrypted, and secure. We will never share your personal data and you can delete it from our server at any time. See our privacy policy here.

What will you do with my charts?

Your e-mail charts are created directly in your web browser and are never stored on our servers.

I have some more questions. How can I reach you?

We're happy to answer any question, comment or feedback you may have. E-mail us here.